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Geoff has the experience and knowledge to help meet your TV and Audio needs, but his services aren't limited to TV and audio sales, for the full list and details on all the services provided by Geoff Small Electronics see below, and to discuss your needs or arrange an appointment for Geoff to visit you on-site give him a call.

TV Sales & Installations

We are an authorised retailer for Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and LG.  We sell and install the latest in home theater technology including Smart Televisions, and other streaming devices.  Geoff can install your new TV/home theatre system and give you advice on the best streaming options for you and then set up your TV so you can access unlimited libraries of movies and TV series from your own living room.  Wall mounting your TV and sound is also our speciality.  We also have options for businesses that require audio/visual from boardrooms to cafes and bars. 

Everyone's preferences are different when it comes to Audio Visual systems, some people like to have a constant stream of background music playing as they go about their daily routine others like the ultimate cinema experience with the sound so loud it causes their chair to shake. Whatever your requirements we can come up with the best solution for you based on your room/home size and budget.  

Freeview, Sat & Terrestrial

If you are having problems with your TVs picture quality Geoff has the knowledge to set you up with the right aerial and install it for you.  He specialises in transmission issues for rural properties, some rural properties have problems receiving quality TV if they are out of range or situated behind a hill.  Geoff also has products that he can install so that you can receive Freeview on your current TV.  

Whether you require a projector for your own home cinema, your conference room to display presentations or your bar to broadcast the Rugby to your patrons Geoff has a variety of options and can provide the full service for these from sale to install and any follow up support you might require. 

Audio Solutions 

If you are as passionate about quality audio as Geoff then you will be pleased to hear that as an authorised retailer for Yamaha we offer top of the range audio technology including multi room AV and Bluetooth options and audio equipment from other top brands such as Marantz, Denon, Sonos, Polk Audio, and Klipsch.  

If you are building a new home or want to invest in a decent audio system Geoff can come up with a plan to suit your space and requirements and install it for you.  Give him a call to discuss pricing and options.

If you are building new and want a quality and seamless audio visual system Geoff can come up with the best system and installation to suit your space.  Whether you want a wall mounted TV, built in TV, hidden surround sound or multi room audio system Geoff can install your audio visual system so you get the best results.

Streaming Movies

We sell a number of top of the range Smart TVs with built in apps for streaming as well as the ability to purchase the latest movies to view from our living room.  We also sell products such as the KII Pro that allow you to access to a number of cable channels and Chromecast so you can cast the streaming apps on your mobile device directly to your television.  Speak to Geoff to see which option is best for you.

Sky Extensions

Extend your single SKY decoder into a multi room system where you can watch SKY from any TV in the home.  We can also set up your system where you can use the Sky remote control to change SKY channels on all TV's. Geoff has the knowledge and experience to make Sky work for you.  

AV Audits

If you have an existing audio system that is under performing and you feel it needs upgrading or tweeking we offer an in home consultation to check out your system and suggest ways to improve it for $150.00 incl GST

We have a great range of Smart TVs 

Smart TVs with built in Streaming Apps.  Geoff can help you select the model that's best for you.

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