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What is 'Home Theatre'?

There's a lot of confusion over what 'home theatre' means. Research shows that to most people it simply means a big screen. To others it means a set of speakers and an AV Receiver. Yet the term 'home theatre' is much broader than either of these. It's not just about the picture or the sound – it's about both, but perhaps the most important thing is that home theatre is an experience. It's why we love going to the movies – to be completely transported to another place for 2 hours.

Home Theatre – Cinema in Your Living Room

Apart from the huge screen, the reason a cinema experience is so engrossing is because you're listening to a multi-channel soundtrack that is cleverly steered to speakers placed around the theatre, so you hear sound that matches the on-screen action: cars zoom past you, footsteps creep up behind you and a helicopter seems to circle above you. That's surround sound. Watch the same movie again on your TV and you realise what a difference surround sound makes, which is why home theatre was invented: to recreate that exciting and immersive cinema experience in the comfort of your own home.

It's Better than the Movies!

Just how you go about doing that (what electronic components and speakers you will need) depends on several things: room size; furnishings; budget; but most of all your expectations. With quality components, many people report that their home theatre setup is better than the movies!

Don't Forget Your Music

It's also worth mentioning that you'll probably be using this system to play your CD music collection too, so it has to sound great as a stereo too. Read More 
Chances are you already own part of a home theatre setup to create that cinematic 'feel' at home (DVD player, home theatre receiver, speakers). So if you want the thrill of the movies at home start right here with our primer on all things home theatre. So, what do you need?

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